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Jiu-Jitsu Hygiene with Steven Seagal

Whether playing in the Steven Seagal Blues Band or confronting a ship full of nuclear terrorists, Mr. Seagal always looks and smells great. That’s because he takes hygiene seriously. Very seriously.

Jiu-Jitsu, just like Steven’s musical performances, can be highly intimate. That’s why BJJ hygiene is so important. With so many nasty diseases like ringworm, impetigo and staph, a clean gi is an important part of keeping you and your training partners safe, happy and healthy.

So, here are a few Seagal-inspired Tips to maintaining good hygiene on the mats.

Clip them nails. Apart from his impressive thumb nail (which I assume he uses for strumming guitars and opening packets of Maggi noodles), Steven likes to keep his fingernails and toenails trimmed. If you want to be extra considerate, you can file your nails too. This takes about an extra 3 seconds per nail, but it ensures that your nails will not cut your training partners or snag on their rash guards.

Clean that gi. Do you think Steven ever steps on stage with a funky-smelling kimono? Of course not. He smells great. Always. So remember to wash your gi immediately after class. And when you do, add an anti-fungal and/or anti-septic rinse along with your usual detergent.Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse is pretty good. A cup full of white vinegar works well too – it’s a natural antiseptic, and relatively cheap.

A white gi is a good gi. There’s a reason Steven’s chef hat always look so vibrant. He probably uses one of the following along with his usual detergent; White vinegar (1 cup), or Baking soda (1/2 cup), or Hydrogen peroxide (1/2 cup), or Stain remover powder (eg. Napisan, White King, etc). Just don’t ever bleach gis because this will damage the fabric.

To wash or not to wash your belt? According to unnamed sources, Steven washes his 7th dan Aikido black belt every time he throws down on the mats. And the same goes for his braces and wraps.

We’ve got a bleeder! Whenever Steven takes revenge on a dirty cop he gets the odd scrape. But before he steps on the mats, he always covers his cuts so they’re not exposed. The same goes if he cuts himself during training.

ake a sickie. While Mr. Seagal probably never gets sick, us mere mortals aren’t so lucky. Lots of us like to train everyday, but if you’re sick, or coming down with something, take the day off. Training hard will lower your immune system and delay your recovery. It also exposes your teammates to illness.

Shower scene. Unfortunately, Google came up empty-handed for ‘Steven Seagal shower’, so I’m not sure how he keeps his body so shiny. But from what I hear, conventional soap works well, especially soap with tea tree oil which helps fight bacteria. There are a few BJJ-specific soaps also worth investigating.

Wash them hands. Just because they’re deadly weapons, doesn’t mean Steven’s hands aren’t immaculately clean when he steps onto the mats. Be like Steven and remember to wash your hands with soap before training.

Wash that mouthguard. Steven doesn’t smile much, but when he does, you know about it. That’s because he washes his mouthguard with water before and after training. It’s a good idea to wash your mouthguard regularly with a toothbrush and toothpaste, rinse it with mouthwash or stick it in a cup of Polident overnight.

Whether it’s maintaining your status as a sex symbol or ensuring the health and happiness of your training partners, there are many reasons to maintain good hygiene while training. If you’d like to learn more about BJJ etiquette, have a read of the official SJJA Jiu Jitsu Academy Dojo Etiquette statement below.

And if you have any thoughts or tips on how to keep your BJJ gear clean and bacteria-free, we want to hear them! So please comment with your hygiene help and/or your favourite Seagal film.

Chris Burke

As well as being a Jiu-jitsu champion, is there anything else you want to do when you grow up?

Eemil: I want to be a pilot or in the police.

Isabel: I want to be a police woman or a teacher and travel around the world.

Matilda: I want to teach classes at school, or be a principal, and sail on a boat to a nice place.

Piia: When they grow up I’ll be able to swap that poolside coffee for a cocktail!

All the best to the Iivonen family and all 12 of our Abu Dhabi competitors this year!

If you’re interested in watching the World Pro live then sign up at Flo-grappling or stay tuned for livestream sessions happening at our Crows Nest gym.


Written by Chris Burke

PS. To get you all pumped, here is a link to Bruno’s final from last year!

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